Video on iPhone + Cardboard Model with Photo prints
The creation of this portfolio was a really helpful process for me in appreciating my own work. For me often the essence of insecurities is not being able to see the things that are there. Because of that, I decided to try to put all the things and work that I did since I started studying at the Angewandte into the physical classroom and space of the university. With slow camera movements, the works and objects that are placed in the space get explored. The video is then displayed on a small screen implemented in a model of the room where it is exhibited. Through the small but "pretending to be big" screen the work circles around the moment and the paradox of the "in-between": in-between confidence and insecurity and in-between taking up a lot of space and leaving space for others.

Cardboard model of the exhibition room with a small (pretending to be big) screen with the video on it