Chasing nature into abstraction
3 - Channel Video

DoP: Michi Schmidl
The project was intended through Suchart Wannaset as part of his diploma at the Transmedia Art department. I joined the project to film and support him on his journey and search through Thailand for 4 weeks in February 2020. Here is a text from Suchart himself:
"The video is a constellation of three cohering, moving pictures embedded in a multichannel video. It deals with a craving for memories, dreams, instincts, transformations, spheres, and nature which have been already processed.
I am searching for my grandparents in a metaphoric way. Without aim I travel around, crossing a mysterious jungle, the deep sea, and a lonely lost civilization. The picture of Nature shown represents reality, however, it is experienced differently. Nature is composed of the transformation between humans and animals in a diffused and surreal way. Rapid movements to some extent and the tangible presence of the unknown lead to blurring the boundaries of reality and fiction. I ask nonverbal questions and give quiet answers, by interaction of the discovered virgin and non-virgin environment. How will it go on? Where will I stop? When will I begin?
The topography of nature gives answers, however not to the questions asked. New perspectives and perceptions are opened and expand the horizon in an unexpected way. Situational transformations are effected by smoothing internal and external landscapes during the journey. One gets lost, however never can be lost in a state of limbo, which is developing. This Search turns out as a complex challenge where a clear boundary cannot be defined anymore. Answers are not perceived, even though they are in front of us."